This Is A Broadcast For The Believer

Most virtual broadcasting is simply a duplicate of traditional church experiences. AAC is an impactful extension of what church should have been all along.
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This Broadcast is Ecumenical To All Faith Traditions

You can be in any number of Christian denominations or in a non- or interdenominational church, and be comforted, informed and blessed by this broadcast.
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The Convergence of The Church Is Now

This group exists to foster open and sincere communication amongst both Clergy and Laity concerning our common Apostolic (Virgin Birth, Sinless Life, Vicarious Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ) This cord of common belief and fellowship should be recognized as the singular creed amongst those who are saved. Let us learn of each others histories, traditions of faith and foster ecumenical appreciation as well as true fellowship in Jesus name.
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We are World-Wide

This Broadcast is for the Nations throughout the world. We address a broad swath of interests, crisis's, government issues, church matters, and everyday common circumstances.
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This Broadcast is because we are all in it together

We Must Learn to Live Together As Brothers, Or We Will Die Together As Fools. -M. L. King Jr.
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We Weekly Invite Guest Hosts

Each Guest is an expert in the field of discussioin
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Welcome To AAC – Broadcasting

This media ministry was born out of a conversation between Archbishop Darel E. Chase, Bishop Charles E. Mitchell, and Bishop-designate David Davis.

In discussing the situations in American “urban” churches and parishes, became confronted with the reality that the African people in American are currently without a natural or biblical knowledge of who they are and were.

Realizing that the leadership of the church in some cases has become corrupted into a financial and social entertainment enterprise that is far weaker than the original apostolic priesthood, we wanted to do something to restore our voice.

Using the scholarly prowess we have received in universities, religious training, and from life experience as pastors and leaders in the African community, we chose this virtual renewal during a global crisis to begin the conversation. Join us.