Rev. Fr. David Jerome Davis is a native of New York, who has been involved in Christian ministry for 47 years. Saved at the age of 14 at the Refuge Temple Church, 2081 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. in Manhattan under the pastorate of the late Bishop W. L. Bonner. He attended the Church of Christ Bible Institute, The R.C. Lawson Institute, and attended weekly Minister’s classes under Bishop Bonner for his early ministry training. He preached his initial sermon at the Bronx Refuge Annex in February 1974.

Rev. Fr.  attended the Music & Arts Performing High School in Harlem, NY and there he began a musical career in Gospel and Sacred Music that would follow him for the next 32 years. All the while serving as an organist, principle musician, choir/worship team director, television music director, recording artist, and published songwriter, he yearned for something more.

He found his calling in a love of the scriptures. He enrolled in Va. Union University (1977), to audit classes in theology, and would later befriend Archbishop Dennis Myles Golphin who would establish a mentoring relationship with Fr. David, leading him into traditions outside of his Evangelical/Pentecostal foundations.  Now exposed to traditions such as the Reformed, Anglican. Orthodox, and Abyssinian streams, He expanded his theological view to finally rest on Convergence Theology. Having completed his undergraduate courses in 2018, at the Metropolitan Christian University, he is now a graduate student in pursuit of an M.Div.. in the same discipline.

He was received into Holy Orders and ordained a Deacon, and later a Priest at the hand of the Archbishop+++D. E. Chase, May of 2018 having received the Sacrament of Holy Orders, in full Apostolic Succession under Patriarch Archbishop Darel E. Chase, PhD., OSP,  Rev. Fr. Davis was also received into Sacred Orders in the Holy Order of St. Paul the Apostle, which is a sacred, ecumenical order dedicated to biblical scholarship and unity within the body of Christ.

He is scheduled to be consecrated Bishop in the Lord’s Church